Created Apr 01, 2016

George Cook

Technologist; prior army officer; military spouse; father of 3 millennials more

At 67 years old, I am a man of action, based on humanistic ideals, throughout my life. In 2018, I am beside myself by the way venal Wall Street's largest banks and financially driven mega-corporations run by the top 1% have thoroughly corrupted the American political class, Democrats and Republicans alike. This vile source of psychopathology has,--over the past 30-years,--systematically overridden our electoral process and manipulated an overwhelming majority of national public office holders into a psychopathic league of crony capitalists,--in the White House, Congress and Supreme Court,--with the ability to "financialize" every segment of American life to the tragic detriment of hardworking poor and middle class Americans in blue and red states alike. Trump is a manifestation of this infirmity.

It is hard to look at the 2020 presidential election and know what to expect. It is to be the most critical presidential election of my lifetime. Perhaps the coming mid-term elections will sort out and bring desperate organizational efficacy to the grass-root populist movements within the Democratic Party or not? It looks highly probable to this aging exiled "Eisenhower" Republican, with three lines of ancestors who landed on the shores of New England in the early 1600s:--that unless the Democratic Party is willing to stand somewhat left-of-center and speak for the vast majority of Americans tens-upon-tens of millions of awakened Americans will split-off from both major political parties, creating diffuse independent movements intent on reversing the past three decades of inequality, by way of widely differing and at times confrontational means. I am terrorized that if this happens, it will play right into the hands of hard line authoritarian Trumpocrats, who continue at a worrisome pace at deconstructing the underpinnings of our democratic constitution united by the principles of equality and individual self-government.

The question is will divisive party politics only push ordinary Americans towards still greater social and economic inequity and instability or will a vibrate new party arise,--that seeks to protect the wellbeing of ordinary Americans,--and attracts the majority of disaffected Democrats, Republicans and Independents? In other words, how might we engage each other and join together in a new populist party able to claim the moral center; able to elect and install a reinvigorated and highly competent federal government; able to tap into the great wealth of our nation and provide for the civil welfare of every American irrespective of their demographic background. It is my wish to see this narrative come to reign for my children's sake before I pass away!